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What’s Up At
Scarf Art

Scarf Art pre-tied, adjustable, button-and-go products eliminate the challenges of scarf tying by creating the illusion of self-tied scarves for women of all ages.


As we look forward to celebrating Resurrection Sunday, it's amazing the opportunities and possibilities provided in the month of April.   If you've not done so, the biggest opportunity is to reset YOUR LIFE  by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.   Today, April 15th...

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Scarf Art INFLUENCER – Gail Page, Houston, TX

We are honored and excited to have our first Scarf Art INFLUENCER,  Gail Page of Houston, Texas!  Here's what she has to say about the Scarf Art Large Nautical Square Design:   “Simple, Classy and Eloquent were a few of the compliments I received today when I...

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Official “Scarf Redquarters” for Valentine’s Day

Ladies, are you reddy for Valentine's Day? No worries, we've got RED, RED & more RED for all your Valentine's Day festivities!   Checkout any of the following designs for your Valentine's Day festivities:   Fishtail Chic Neckerchief Large Nautical Square Scarf Vest Ruffle Collar Choker V-Square Small Neckerchief ...

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