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MOGUL MOVES, “Their Hearts Outweigh Their Beauty and Talents”

MOGUL MOVES, “Their Hearts Outweigh Their Beauty and Talents”

Although, Women’s History Month ended yesterday, it’s very hard to overlook the mogul moves being made by multiple women that will be recorded in history.   First Kylie Jenner, this young woman with a huge heart is on course to be the youngest Billionaire in American History (man or woman) at twenty-two years old!   Kylie’s main source of revenue is her  cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics. She started the company at just 17 to launch her lip kits.  Her seed capital came from various brand sponsorships and deals secured during her teenage years.   Kylie not only has a huge bank account, she also has a big heart recently donating $1MM to CoronaVirus Relief Efforts.   Robyn Rihanna Fenty as we all know is a Singer/Entertainer as well as an Entrepreneur, she is in the cosmetics business as well, Fenty Cosmetics.  I love her products!  I was shocked during the recent NAACP  Image Awards to find out about Rihanna’s humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, for which she was awarded the NAACP President’s Award for her many efforts.  Although she is GORGEOUS,   Rihanna’s heart outweighs her beauty, she has given millions to several causes across the globe.  Just recently, Rihanna also donated $5MM to  CoronaVirus Relief Efforts.


I can’t think of anyone who does not love “The Clark Sisters” gospel group, therefore, I was ecstatic  when I saw the promotions for their upcoming movie on Lifetime, “The Clark Sisters, First Ladies of Gospel.”    I was beyond impressed when I learned this production is a result of the collaborative efforts of Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott.  More mogul moves!  All of these ladies are so very talented in their own right as Entertainers/Singers/Entrepreneurs, etc., however, they’ve collaborated to pay homage to  “The Clark Sisters” in this made for TV movie.  And the timing could not be any better, the Saturday before Easter, April 11th, 8PM.   I am so proud & impressed by the kindnesses of all these moguls whose hearts outweigh their talents.

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